December 22, 2014

Recovery following labial minora reduction Mr Adrian Richards of explains the recovery process following a Labial Minora Reduction Surgery. For more information on this type of surgery and many other procedures carried out at Aurora Clinics please contact one of our fully qualified Patient Co-ordinators on 01844 214362.

Laweh Amegavie, St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospitals

Winner – The NHS Mentor of the year

Excision of skin lesion from the temple Mr Richards demonstrates how to remove a skin lesion from the temple. He shows how to inject the Local Anaesthetic, remove the lesion and repair the defect with deep dermal absorbable stitches and fine skin sutures.
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Breast enlargement in front of pectoralis muscle Breast enlargement surgery. Mr Richards of Aurora-clinics demonstrates a breast enlargement operation. In the video he shows the appearance of the breast before enlargement and shows how he inserts a 460cc Breast implant in front of the pectoralis muscle
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What is an Arm Lift / Brachioplasty and who is suitable for the procedure In this video, Mr. Adrian Richards, leading plastic surgeon in the UK and the surgical director of Aurora-clinics, explains in detail the Brachioplasty aka arm lift procedure and discusses who might be suitable for this type of surgery.

The Executive Team, Knowsley Health & Wellbeing

The NHS Partner of the year, short-listed nominee.
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Nipple Reduction surgery – What does it involve

Adrian Richards, the Surgical Director of Aurora clinics explains nipple reduction techniques, nipple abnormalities and what each procedure implies.
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Breast Uplift or Mastopexy Surgical Procedure Video of Breast Uplift also known as Mastopexy Surgical Procedure, performed by UK plastic surgeon Adrian Richards at his clinic Aurora in Buckinghamshire. For more videos and information on this procedure please follow this link