December 22, 2014

Male Breast Reduction -Why it occurs Male Breast Reduction Mr Adrian Richards, Leading Plastic Surgeon at Aurora Clinics explains how men develop breasts, known in medical terms as Gynaecomastia. To find more information on Male Breast Reduction please view our treatment pages on or contact 01844 214362.
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Male Breast Reduction Male Breast Reduction – Here Mr Richards, Leading Plastic Surgeon for Aurora Clinics – Aurora Clinics – discusses the treatment options for male breast reduction. These include advice on exercise and a discussion of the types of surgery available. Mr Richards…

Breast Reduction 3- What to expect on your op day

Breast Reduction 3 Mr Richards discusses the best way to prepare for your breast reduction. He describes what will happen on the day of surgery and what to expect when you wake up after your breast Reduction procedure.

Secondary Breast Reduction Video of Secondary Breast Reduction surgical procedure, performed by plastic surgeon Adrian Richards at Aurora clinics in Buckinghamshire. Adrian Richards explains why the patient opted for further breast reduction procedure and demonstrates how the procedure was carried out.

Liposuction for Arm Reduction In this video, Mr. Adrian Richards explains the procedure of liposuction performed in arm reduction surgery to remove extra fat tissue in the arm area of the body, it’s advantages and disadvantages compared to Brachioplasty, and who might be suitable for this procedure.

Vicky tells her story 2 weeks following her breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery is descibed in this video by Vicky who underwent her breast reduction 2 weeks ago. Vicky describes her reasons for having a breast reduction procedure, how she got on with the procedure and how she feels now 2 weeks following her breast reduction operation.
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Breast Uplift & Breast Reduction Video of Breast Uplift or Mastopexy, and Breast Reduction surgical procedures, performed by plastic surgeon Adrian Richards at Aurora clinics in Buckinghamshire. For more information or related videos please visit our website.

Breast Reduction 6- Minimising complication risk

Breast Reduction Surgery 6- Complications can occur following any type of surgery. Mr Richards explains what you should look out for after your breast reduction surgery and gives tips on minimizing the risks of surgery.
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